Specimen parts in ZFMK Collection

Accession number: ZFMK-TIS-2003261

Stable URL: https://id.zfmk.de/collection_ZFMK/2003261/891242/163052, other formats: rdf, json


Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Say, 1824)

Identified by Jung, Manfred

Identified at 2014-7-21

Preparation and storage

ZFMK Collection: Section Biobank

Collection Contact: Astrin, Jonas, Dr.

Material type: tissue sample

Storage location: ZFMK-Tissue-Bank_406/72

Preparation method: vorgef├╝llter Alkohol

Organism details

Life stage: adult

Number of individuals: 1

Specimen origin

Specimen accession number: ZFMK-TIS-2003261

Collected at:

Country: Sachsen-Anhalt

Coordinates (WGS 84): Lat: 51.937192 | Long: 10.913355 - Map

Locality description: Athenstedt

Collection date:


Collected by:

Jung, Manfred


Analysis date: 2015-05-12 10:26:12

Analysis conducted by: GBOL-ZFMKLab

Analysis result:

entry number 1