Accession number: ZFMK-TIS-2628313

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Sample origin
Locality description:Near San Pancracio, roadway to Pachijal, area behind platform
Sampling plotPichincha Province, Ecuador
Coordinates (WGS 84): Lat: 0.118626 | Long: -78.9580 - Map
Collection date: 2020-1-28
Collected by:
Kilian, Isabel


Identified by: Jaume-Schinkel, Santiago

Identified at 2021-5-10

Order: Diptera

Family: Psychodidae

Life stage: adult

Number of individuals: 1

Material type: specimen

Preparation method: 96% pure ethanol; temperature: -20°C for 2 months, + 4°C for 3 weeks

Collection: GBOL3-Diptera

Collection Contact: Björn Rulik

Accession number: ZFMK-TIS-2628313

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